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2nd April 2015: We had cleaned up and repainted a wall near the Thirupalli bus stop on Waltax road . Pratap kumar , advocate and councillor of that area had helped us and honoured us too. You can also check out the article on us by THE CHENNAI VISION

22 March 2015: We along with The Ugly Indian cleaned and painted the walls of Semmozhi Poonga Park at Cathedral Road.

TAP had organised a visit to an orphanage called the Tansowa Home on the 23rd December 2014. We had distributed Chips and chocolates. And had also donated to them our clothes and toys. And sang carols with them.

Why is it that we refuse to keep our Country clean?
Is it because of the Government or the citizens of our Country?
Why are there articles in the newspaper which say that Chennai is the most dirty city in our Country? Even though there are dustbins in public areas , why don't we use them?
We are all lazy, we don't care about anything until it costs us. And moreover the Laws of our country are not strict.
Is the main reason lack of awareness? Maybe the Clean India Campaign hasn't brought any change in the mindset of the people.
A clean India is not just the responsibility of the Municipality or the Government, it it the combined effort of all the people of our Country.
We all are educated people. But still we are used to the habit of littering . It is our duty to stand as an example of a clean Country to the World.
And guess what? It's never too late to start.